Now I ain’t no pastor,
but I’m feeling like a master.
I got the four elements juggling in my hands.
Earth, fire, air and water.
I’m all four suits in a pack of cards.
I’m talking about clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts.
Standing in the middle of a compass.
Around me is four different directions.
North, south, east and west.
I’m stuck not knowing which route to take next.
Then I hear God whisper.
Listen to your soul because it will guide your foot steps.
I created you with the four cardinal virtues.
Wisdom, bravery, temperance and justice.
I even gave you an extra gift of patience.
In return, I only ask for you to help the people.
Lend out your hand when they need you.
Use that magic wand I gave you,
and make a positive impact on those around you.


Welcome home

Connected through energy.
Communication between us feels like telepathy.
Like I know how you feel without seeing your face, & I’m hearing your thoughts even when you’re far away.
It’s like you want my help,
but asking for it makes you feel weak.
Almost like me,
because I’m the same person that says there is nobody that I need.
Got to do this shit on my own.
Work till I give my loved ones a home.
Don’t want any of you to ever feel alone,
in here I only want you to feel warm.
Know I always got each one of your backs,
even when you get me mad.
Just keep in mind,
once I welcome you into my heart
there’s usually no turning back.
Got the people I love right beside me forever.
If I die, know there’s nothing that’ll change because I’ll still be sending you love from up in heaven.

Terms of condition

Let’s change the way we see one another.
We all want better conditions,
but put each other under certain conditions.
Like signing one of those papers,
terms of condition.
Funny thing,
most times we don’t read this shit.
Scroll down to the bottom, and sign that shit.
Before you know it, you’re caught up in some shit and in your face reality hits.
People keep track of these conditions,
and when you’re caught up in trouble
they can simply pull out evidence.
Out comes the words,
it was you who signed the papers.
Now you’re thinking,
I should’ve read what was on it.
I just wanted to be put on it.
As soon as possible, I had to get on it.
He has it, she has it, so why can’t I have it?
But we all do have it.
And it’s right there sitting under your chest.
It’s just some of our hearts are bruised and beaten,
don’t know what love is.
Interacting with the world feels like danger,
got no love for these people.
They’re nothing to me man,
these people are strangers.
But is that where we the make the mistake?
Because around us I only see humans with the same features as me.
I open my eyes and I only see everyone’s beauty.
Put nobody under no conditions.
You take your own position.
I’m just seeing a different vision.
I’m on a divine mission.

Dancing under the moonlight

It’s like we’re playing a game of hide and seek,
you hide while I seek.
I see you as you peek.
You make me laugh babe,
you’re so bad at this game.
Come let’s go catch the next plane,
fly overseas to a place where it’s just you and me.
Have some drinks, and get freaky in the sheets.
You’re my favourite person on the team.
You fuel my imagination,
appear all in my dreams.
For the past two weeks I’ve been looking forward to my sleep.
They say when it’s true love
distance and time don’t matter.
Our connection is proof of that,
there’s nothing more I have to ponder.

Knight in shining armour

You’re like a hero who came to save a lost but beautiful princess.
If you’re the knight in shining armour, I must be the damsel in distress.
If you were joker, I must’ve been harley quinn.
In your arms I feel protected.
If I never showed you the love I carry within me,
please don’t feel neglected.
You see this passion that sits in my heart is not for everybody.
I grew up never listening to nobody.
Found myself in troubling situations because of my curiousity.
Always wanted things to go my way so everywhere I went my heart screamed fuck authority.
You can’t put me in a box,
you don’t got that power over me.
I’m about to lose my head & dash everything that’s in sight,
but then I’ll be giving you control over my emotions.
So let me tell you something,
this wild woman you’re looking at can never be tamed.
Just accepted.
By a man strong, and brave enough to really deal with me.


I live in a world where we see less good but more evil,
but it’s never hate that my heart will feel.
Love never fails,
but how long will you wait?
They say patience is a virtue.
They say you win after you lose.
They say this life is worth living,
but don’t be a fool.
I tell them I’m learning what I have to just so I can teach my kids.
That being a woman in a patriarchal society means you have to think like you own a dick.
When you walk out in the world,
don’t let anybody tell you jack shit.
Because some of them don’t even know what 4+6 is.
Call themselves real shooters but when they shoot they still miss.
Let me tell you something,
if anyone tries to stop you from being yourself,
blow em a kiss & tell em you’ll die being an unapologetic bitch.

On top of the world

If I was to be the leader of an army
I’ll tell my soldiers they can make all the calls.
Just be prepared for war,
stand tall,
and don’t let the tears fall.
Look up at the stars when you’re running out of hope.
Don’t forget to send love to the ones waiting for you at home.
The fight on the battlefield is nothing but destruction.
If you were to lose your life,
just know you died trying to save lives.
You have the spirit of a warrior.
When things get out of hand you can run bullets,
but only choose to do it with a good heart.
Don’t kill the precious lives that want to live life a little.
Don’t kill the next generation nurses and doctors that are going to help us heal.
Don’t kill the ones who just want some sort of freedom.
But dead the ones who are killing just to fucking kill.
Dead the ones who are killing innocent lives to get a name in these streets.
Dead the ones who are killing because they’re choosing to believe in politics,
and all these stupid beliefs.
No, I’m not talking about using an actual weapon.
I’m talking about using your purest weapon.
The organ that beats within you just so you can be with me today, reading this.