My World

I see the world in black and white because there is beauty behind the madness.
My imagination paints pictures, I’m just trying to see a life where I succeed in all my visions.
Growing up my scale was always off balance.
Life tipping up, love going down, they were never in line.
Call me a Libra or a Gemini,
Let me express my thoughts and feelings in rhymes.
Committing the same mistakes hoping for different results,
you might as well call me Albert Einstein.
Insanity, my ideas come naturally to me.
But I’m slowly losing time;  I need me a career where I work on my own time.
Not into the scenes where there’s an involvement of crime, unless you touch what is mine.
Eyes piercing through your soul, might make you uncomfortable.
But I’m just trying to tell you not to take me for a fool.
A mystery,
You can’t figure out what’s running through my mind just by looking at me.
Don’t get it twisted, I’m not a psycho, I’m just psychic.
Or maybe just a little bit of both.
My thoughts are all over the place,
Whenever I want to walk, it wants to race.
Too much on my mind, I’m starting to move at a slow pace.
Everyone keeps telling me to stop smoking.
But it allows me to view the world with a bird’s eye.
Let me invade your thoughts and learn all about your insights.
Don’t hold back anything, I want to see the dark as much as I want to see the light.
Your flaws make you perfect, so people’s judgements shouldn’t make you break.
Tell them love is something you give and take,
Yet in my world love is something you give, but hesitate to take. -VB


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