I want to stand tall and proud like the CN tower.
Through any storm I’ll withhold my power.
But I never want to come off as arrogant, or a coward.
If you take the chance to step into the depths of my heart,
I’ll have a level just for you to look out my glass windows.
Stand on it and don’t be afraid to break and fall.
Don’t stand there stuck, this is your wake up call.
Together we can make the world better, once and for all.
I care about my community, and my city too.
If I ever have kids, I want twins or more than two.
What about eight or four?
Maybe adopt a few couple more.
I just want to see everybody come together.
Love never dies so neither should you.
I promise all of you will meet someone that will love you, for your mind all the way to your soul.
And I know at times the world can get cold.
But I need you to keep your head up, I need you to be bold. -VethushaB


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