Shattered Glass

I always got your back
like DeRozan has Lowry’s.
I have spectacular moves up my sleeves
like the Aquarius player, Terrence Ross.
Shoot the basket in with my back facing the backboard,
then look at the arena like yeah nigga, i’m the muthafuckin boss.
And wherever I shoot from it’s going in.
No ones likes to take losses,
but you got to fail before you win.
I have bad habits, but I wouldn’t consider it a sin.
The truth to all of our questions reside within.
Take some time alone and listen.
Sit back and allow yourself to be in meditation.
The answers will free your heart like it’s medication.
This ego of mine is so frustrating.
It keeps asking me if i’m sure i want to go through anymore hurting.
I’m telling it to bounce back,
it’s telling me to take a good look at my broken heart.
But little does he know, I’ll always choose to love no matter the amount of cracks.
That were caused by all those who came in and tore me apart.
Laying on the floor like pieces of a shattered broken glass. -VethushaB


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