All the worries and the what if’s running through my head,
I’m giving myself a headache.
A mans worst enemy has to be stress.
I love to smile so I always choose happiness.
We got no time for each other because we’re busy chasing money, and paying bills.
The world is ran by currency,
no wonder I see no more humanity.
They say make your money and let that talk for you.
Oh so you want to praise and give me my respect once I have a hundred stacks in my pockets?
Where the fuck was you when I was dead broke?
Y’all are a bunch of funny folks.
When depression was chasing me down those dark tunnels,
the only thing I was able to rely on was my feet.
To keep going, & moving forward with my heart telling me that I will reach the sunshine eventually.
And I remember those times when I thought I couldn’t do it.
I couldn’t get past one more day.
I was screaming and shouting but no one heard my cry for help.
A prisoner to my own mind,
a blindfold around my eyes,
I was searching for the truth in between the lies. -Vethusha


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