Tangled Mess

I see you’re nervous,
I see it in your face.
Be more brave,
try not to get lost in the maze.
The end is not far, keep searching for the open gates.
You’re on a timer
so don’t be late.
You keep making u-turns and going left,
but darling the exit is on the right.
Too many options,
but here I am guiding your way,
being your light.
I know you got this,
I know you’re smart.
Open your heart,
don’t block what demands to be felt.
Money and all these materialistic things ain’t going to fill up your emptiness.
I’m telling you that from experience.
A nigga tried to holla at me,
he was damn fine.
He pulled up in an Audi,
then he pulled up in a Benz.
I looked at him dead in the eye
& said boy you impressed me
but we can only be friends.
I left him breathless,
he probably thought I was heartless.
The truth is love is unconditional,
it is priceless.
Love makes you cry less.
Love fills you up with happiness.
Love won’t allow you to drown by yourself in your sadness.
Love isn’t a ring and flowers,
love is something that will be there for you when your life is caught up in a tangled mess.


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