I hate having to fight for my freedom,
that should be a given.
If I can’t live my life the way I want, than why am I living?
My emotions are so confusing,
I can see my mood swings have you stressing.
2 years ago is when I went soul searching,
trying to find the pieces of me that were missing.
Nobody can deal with me so fuck this,
I’m leaving.
I’m following my heart but I still don’t know which path to take.
Nothing is making sense,
there’s too much on my damn plate.
Whenever you come around I get thrown off track.
Lose sight of where I’m going, & don’t know which way to get back.
I’m walking around spreading love but my heart is full of cracks.
But still the light that shines within me can bring brightness to a room that’s completely black.
I’ll choose to love when my ego is telling me to hate.
I’ll choose to be authentic in a society full of fakes.
I’ll choose to have hope when the world wants me to break. & I’ll choose peace just for gods sake. -Vethusha


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