Under Your Spell

I got your back in front of you and behind,
but tell me do you really got mine?
Or am I wasting time defending people that actually hate to see me shine?
I can’t make you disappear from my thoughts,
please tell me that I also cross your mind.
It’s like we’re on a battle field of love.
You’re causing a war, & my heart is on the line.
It is not easy to be kind and nice.
But I stay that way anyways
because it keeps me satisfied.
Knowing I’m making a difference in someone’s life.
Whether that’s a stranger, family, or friend,
I’m here for you,
so don’t you ever feel like you want to die.
And you’re probably tired of his games and lies.
Wondering why you care so deeply for someone who loves to see you with tears in your eyes.
But babygirl he shouldn’t be the one to make you believe that you’re like a glass of wine.
You got to love who you are to know deep down that you’ll be perfectly fine,
with or without a man in your life.


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