Roller Coaster Ride

Picture taken at Europa Park.

I’m living a dream.
Oh shit my phones ringing.
That’s responsibilities calling,
back to reality.
The basic life style where I ain’t even happy.
With you I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride.
You take me slowly to the top,
I’m admiring the view,
I’m holding tight imagining what the top is going to feel like.
Then there I am, front seat, waiting for the drop.
Before I could blink,
my adrenaline rushes up my blood stream.
I don’t know what happens next,
I just got to wait and see.
Oh shit I’m about to fly out.
This is fun bro, I’m screaming.
Hands up in the air,
I don’t give a fuck if I die.
I’m holding my heart in my hand,
but my eyes are wide open.
I know what I signed up for when I felt the buckle push down.
I can keep going up and down,
you can make me go forwards or backwards,
spin me around, however you like it.
I made it to the end,
but I’m back in line. -Vethusha


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