I wouldn’t be by your side if what we share wasn’t real.
I don’t got the time to be playing games when I know what my heart truly feels.
Your past haunts you,
but tell me what the past has to do with our future?
Love only hurts when we look at it as a form of torture.
Would you believe me if I said deep down I was a sorcerer?
And just like me, you also have magic powers.
You’re like my favourite bottle of liquor.
Every night I end up going to bed intoxicated.
In the morning I wake up hung over.
For the past few months I’ve been drunk off of you, never once sober.
And I don’t want to think so far ahead to like forever,
but I can so picture us growing older together.
Even from a distance I can feel everything you’re feeling.
You’re looking at me like babygirl, why you still choosing to love me when you’re actually hurting?
In your arms I feel at home.
When you’re not around I want to take a gun and put it to my dome.
You hate when I get aggressive.
Telling me to calm down, and watch my tone.
You feel as if there’s no such thing as real love, I just need you to have a little hope.


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