On top of the world

If I was to be the leader of an army
I’ll tell my soldiers they can make all the calls.
Just be prepared for war,
stand tall,
and don’t let the tears fall.
Look up at the stars when you’re running out of hope.
Don’t forget to send love to the ones waiting for you at home.
The fight on the battlefield is nothing but destruction.
If you were to lose your life,
just know you died trying to save lives.
You have the spirit of a warrior.
When things get out of hand you can run bullets,
but only choose to do it with a good heart.
Don’t kill the precious lives that want to live life a little.
Don’t kill the next generation nurses and doctors that are going to help us heal.
Don’t kill the ones who just want some sort of freedom.
But dead the ones who are killing just to fucking kill.
Dead the ones who are killing innocent lives to get a name in these streets.
Dead the ones who are killing because they’re choosing to believe in politics,
and all these stupid beliefs.
No, I’m not talking about using an actual weapon.
I’m talking about using your purest weapon.
The organ that beats within you just so you can be with me today, reading this.


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