I live in a world where we see less good but more evil,
but it’s never hate that my heart will feel.
Love never fails,
but how long will you wait?
They say patience is a virtue.
They say you win after you lose.
They say this life is worth living,
but don’t be a fool.
I tell them I’m learning what I have to just so I can teach my kids.
That being a woman in a patriarchal society means you have to think like you own a dick.
When you walk out in the world,
don’t let anybody tell you jack shit.
Because some of them don’t even know what 4+6 is.
Call themselves real shooters but when they shoot they still miss.
Let me tell you something,
if anyone tries to stop you from being yourself,
blow em a kiss & tell em you’ll die being an unapologetic bitch.


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