Knight in shining armour

You’re like a hero who came to save a lost but beautiful princess.
If you’re the knight in shining armour, I must be the damsel in distress.
If you were joker, I must’ve been harley quinn.
In your arms I feel protected.
If I never showed you the love I carry within me,
please don’t feel neglected.
You see this passion that sits in my heart is not for everybody.
I grew up never listening to nobody.
Found myself in troubling situations because of my curiousity.
Always wanted things to go my way so everywhere I went my heart screamed fuck authority.
You can’t put me in a box,
you don’t got that power over me.
I’m about to lose my head & dash everything that’s in sight,
but then I’ll be giving you control over my emotions.
So let me tell you something,
this wild woman you’re looking at can never be tamed.
Just accepted.
By a man strong, and brave enough to really deal with me.


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