Terms of condition

Let’s change the way we see one another.
We all want better conditions,
but put each other under certain conditions.
Like signing one of those papers,
terms of condition.
Funny thing,
most times we don’t read this shit.
Scroll down to the bottom, and sign that shit.
Before you know it, you’re caught up in some shit and in your face reality hits.
People keep track of these conditions,
and when you’re caught up in trouble
they can simply pull out evidence.
Out comes the words,
it was you who signed the papers.
Now you’re thinking,
I should’ve read what was on it.
I just wanted to be put on it.
As soon as possible, I had to get on it.
He has it, she has it, so why can’t I have it?
But we all do have it.
And it’s right there sitting under your chest.
It’s just some of our hearts are bruised and beaten,
don’t know what love is.
Interacting with the world feels like danger,
got no love for these people.
They’re nothing to me man,
these people are strangers.
But is that where we the make the mistake?
Because around us I only see humans with the same features as me.
I open my eyes and I only see everyone’s beauty.
Put nobody under no conditions.
You take your own position.
I’m just seeing a different vision.
I’m on a divine mission.


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