Welcome home

Connected through energy.
Communication between us feels like telepathy.
Like I know how you feel without seeing your face, & I’m hearing your thoughts even when you’re far away.
It’s like you want my help,
but asking for it makes you feel weak.
Almost like me,
because I’m the same person that says there is nobody that I need.
Got to do this shit on my own.
Work till I give my loved ones a home.
Don’t want any of you to ever feel alone,
in here I only want you to feel warm.
Know I always got each one of your backs,
even when you get me mad.
Just keep in mind,
once I welcome you into my heart
there’s usually no turning back.
Got the people I love right beside me forever.
If I die, know there’s nothing that’ll change because I’ll still be sending you love from up in heaven.


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