I wouldn’t be by your side if what we share wasn’t real.
I don’t got the time to be playing games when I know what my heart truly feels.
Your past haunts you,
but tell me what the past has to do with our future?
Love only hurts when we look at it as a form of torture.
Would you believe me if I said deep down I was a sorcerer?
And just like me, you also have magic powers.
You’re like my favourite bottle of liquor.
Every night I end up going to bed intoxicated.
In the morning I wake up hung over.
For the past few months I’ve been drunk off of you, never once sober.
And I don’t want to think so far ahead to like forever,
but I can so picture us growing older together.
Even from a distance I can feel everything you’re feeling.
You’re looking at me like babygirl, why you still choosing to love me when you’re actually hurting?
In your arms I feel at home.
When you’re not around I want to take a gun and put it to my dome.
You hate when I get aggressive.
Telling me to calm down, and watch my tone.
You feel as if there’s no such thing as real love, I just need you to have a little hope.


Roller Coaster Ride

Picture taken at Europa Park.

I’m living a dream.
Oh shit my phones ringing.
That’s responsibilities calling,
back to reality.
The basic life style where I ain’t even happy.
With you I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride.
You take me slowly to the top,
I’m admiring the view,
I’m holding tight imagining what the top is going to feel like.
Then there I am, front seat, waiting for the drop.
Before I could blink,
my adrenaline rushes up my blood stream.
I don’t know what happens next,
I just got to wait and see.
Oh shit I’m about to fly out.
This is fun bro, I’m screaming.
Hands up in the air,
I don’t give a fuck if I die.
I’m holding my heart in my hand,
but my eyes are wide open.
I know what I signed up for when I felt the buckle push down.
I can keep going up and down,
you can make me go forwards or backwards,
spin me around, however you like it.
I made it to the end,
but I’m back in line. -Vethusha

Under Your Spell

I got your back in front of you and behind,
but tell me do you really got mine?
Or am I wasting time defending people that actually hate to see me shine?
I can’t make you disappear from my thoughts,
please tell me that I also cross your mind.
It’s like we’re on a battle field of love.
You’re causing a war, & my heart is on the line.
It is not easy to be kind and nice.
But I stay that way anyways
because it keeps me satisfied.
Knowing I’m making a difference in someone’s life.
Whether that’s a stranger, family, or friend,
I’m here for you,
so don’t you ever feel like you want to die.
And you’re probably tired of his games and lies.
Wondering why you care so deeply for someone who loves to see you with tears in your eyes.
But babygirl he shouldn’t be the one to make you believe that you’re like a glass of wine.
You got to love who you are to know deep down that you’ll be perfectly fine,
with or without a man in your life.


I hate having to fight for my freedom,
that should be a given.
If I can’t live my life the way I want, than why am I living?
My emotions are so confusing,
I can see my mood swings have you stressing.
2 years ago is when I went soul searching,
trying to find the pieces of me that were missing.
Nobody can deal with me so fuck this,
I’m leaving.
I’m following my heart but I still don’t know which path to take.
Nothing is making sense,
there’s too much on my damn plate.
Whenever you come around I get thrown off track.
Lose sight of where I’m going, & don’t know which way to get back.
I’m walking around spreading love but my heart is full of cracks.
But still the light that shines within me can bring brightness to a room that’s completely black.
I’ll choose to love when my ego is telling me to hate.
I’ll choose to be authentic in a society full of fakes.
I’ll choose to have hope when the world wants me to break. & I’ll choose peace just for gods sake. -Vethusha

Tangled Mess

I see you’re nervous,
I see it in your face.
Be more brave,
try not to get lost in the maze.
The end is not far, keep searching for the open gates.
You’re on a timer
so don’t be late.
You keep making u-turns and going left,
but darling the exit is on the right.
Too many options,
but here I am guiding your way,
being your light.
I know you got this,
I know you’re smart.
Open your heart,
don’t block what demands to be felt.
Money and all these materialistic things ain’t going to fill up your emptiness.
I’m telling you that from experience.
A nigga tried to holla at me,
he was damn fine.
He pulled up in an Audi,
then he pulled up in a Benz.
I looked at him dead in the eye
& said boy you impressed me
but we can only be friends.
I left him breathless,
he probably thought I was heartless.
The truth is love is unconditional,
it is priceless.
Love makes you cry less.
Love fills you up with happiness.
Love won’t allow you to drown by yourself in your sadness.
Love isn’t a ring and flowers,
love is something that will be there for you when your life is caught up in a tangled mess.

Love is Freedom

The world only moves in circles & im tired of spinning with it.
My morning starts half past 6pm.
I’m the most alive when outside is dark & the moon is out.
What I’m asking for is simple,
but you insist on making it complicated.
I don’t like to argue,
so let’s just love.
I don’t ask for much because I can give it all to my own self.
That same love you show me, give it to yourself.
Because love is freedom.
Freedom is independence.
Independence is standing strong when everyone is making you fall apart.
Look how far you done came,
some people don’t even get to see another day.
But you were meant to stay,
because your life story is truly inspiring.
And the most amazing part of it all is the person standing right behind it. -Vethusha


I can feel all this intensity within me.
My emotions are always on an extreme,
I need to get myself in balance so I can finally find a little peace.
I can feel my eyes ready to release,
these tears that are wanting to run down my face.
Here I am sitting in an empty place.
All by myself,
with a bottle wrapped around my hand
& my mind running a race.
Looking back at our memories,
I was trying to find the reasons on why I fell in love.
Then it suddenly clicked.
I found pleasure in pain.
No wonder I have nothing left to gain.
Because love is a loser’s game,
& I was dying to be a part of it.
They told me to stay away,
repeated in my ears countless amount of times
that love will get me hurt.
But I never liked to listen.
Instead I let love kill.